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5 Reasons to Opt for CAD Drafting Over Manual Drafting

5 Reasons to Opt for CAD Drafting Over Manual Drafting

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Imagine you have got an outstanding design idea and you need to note it down right away. But due to its complexity, drawing it manually with perfect angles might be difficult and time consuming. Auto CAD software can be a boon at such times. You can draw any drawing precisely in less time than you draw manually.

CAD drafting services have taken the place of manual drafting over the past few years. With numerous benefits, CAD drafting was easily accepted by the professional 3D artists, modellers, architects, and other designs professionals. And drawings are now made accurately and efficiently. Let us check all the reasons to choose CAD drafting in detail.

5 Unavoidable Reasons for Switching to CAD Drafting

1. Excellent Design Quality:

With a huge number of tools and features, CAD software makes 3D modelling easy and accurate. Errors are less encountered as compared to that of manual drafting. Thus, the high accuracy of design leads to better drawings and quick manufacturing of products or quick plan execution. Manual designs take time and also errors are likely to happen, which eats up more time.

2. Easy to Save and Share

What else will be better than saving any drawing and sharing it to whomever you want? The person who receives just needs to have CAD software installed on their system to access the drawing and it can also be printed if required. Unlike manual drafting which had very lesser scope when it comes to sharing it with others, CAD drafting service is flexible to edit it post completing.

3. Easy to Edit 2D/3D Drawings

With CAD software, drafting various drawings becomes easy as there are several tools available to make your drawing perfect and error-free. If you need to remove any part of the drawing, it’s done in a few clicks. You can undo and redo as many times you want and once you have drawn any object, you never need to draw it again. Object properties can be altered easily. Editing manual drawing was never easy.

4. Easy to Create 3D Models

Preparing 3D drawings manually is not less than a nightmare unless you are an expert. Majority of the design professionals in the past faced problems in drawing isometric plans manually. They were all much relieved when CAD software provided the feature to make the drawing into 3-dimension. Photorealistic drawing images are now possible with CAD software. 3D interior plans, 3D exterior plan and any view of the building can be created while CAD drawing service, whereas manual drafting had certain limitations.

5. View in any Resolution

Drawing made using CAD software can be viewed through any resolution. It can be zoomed-in or zoomed-out as per the requirements but in manual drafting, the size of drawing remains the same, the paper quality and the ink quality can even make some information over it disappear over the time.

Above mentioned are few of the 5 reasons to switch to CAD drafting from traditional manual drafting method. It has revolutionized architectural construction industry along with many other industries due to the impeccable and beneficial features of the CAD software. We suggest you consult the experts to get perfect and error-free 2D/3D design service.

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